Why Me? (Scan news!)

imageFeeling very humbled and un-deservedly blessed. Another clear scan! 

The 2 year anniversary of my surgery was 17th March 2017, and today I got my latest scan result.  “No evidence of recurrence”.

Thinking back to those days in March 2015, when ‘Bob-the-blob’ sat defiantly in my left cerebral hemisphere and a dismal prognosis of 12-18 months seemed an unlikely  long-term target  to aim to outdo , I am astonished that I have somehow walked undaunted through these two years, sustained by a faith, hope and expectation that seemed little to do with my own efforts.

This has been no act of bravery or courage on my part. I just put one foot in front of another.  And on that walk, I have experienced profound joy, all encompassing love, unprecedented medical success, and a complete change of lifestyle that has surprised and delighted me.

Some people when faced with bad news ask ‘Why me?’ At this stage, outliving prognosis and feeling so blessed, I have to wonder from the other side of that fence –  ‘Why me?’ The answer in both circumstances is the same – ‘Why not  you? You don’t deserve  it, you don’t earn it, it’s a free gift. For better or worse!’

That’s grace.

At this point in time I can only give thanks  and sit in awe and wonder at what a “terminal-cancer” diagnosis can accomplish in the hands of an awesome,  almighty, exciting, unpredictable, all-embracing, all-sustaining, highly entertaining and ultimately all-loving God.

Bring on the next challenge!

Happy days!



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