“To remission and beyond”


Yes, I know remission isn’t a destination. Infact, it was never what I was aiming for. Healing was always the desired objective. But rather than wittering on about the semantics let me give the good news



imageThere is no sign of Bob. To quote the report: ” no sign of progressing residual/recurrent tumour.”

Of course, they do not use the the word ‘remission’ never mind the word ‘healed’ in cases of glioblastoma because it would be considered a concept as laughable as Buzz Lightyear’s “beyond infinity”. But I will very very happy to  ‘Fall with style’ in order to reach my destination which, in any case, never was remission, it was that impossible land beyond. And a clear scan is a brilliant sign that we are on the right path, or should I say flying?

(For those who have completely missed all the ‘Toy Story’ analogies in this post you need to watch this clip in which Woody and Buzz have been left behind by the removal van, and a deflated ‘Buzz Lightyear’ who has been told not to be so ridiculous, he is only a toy, not an astronaught, realises that he can still save the day, just as he is.)



3 thoughts on ““To remission and beyond”

  1. Hi Tanya, I am Ted German’s sister. He is one of the nut cases from the radiotherapy waiting room. He told me to read your blog and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I so love a bit of positivity. I myself have been treated for breast cancer, I had the usual chemo and radio and a couple of operations, the last of which I had last week. I am also in that wonderful land of remission. Like you I am totally positive (it is the only way to be!). Well done with your blog, hopefully one day, you will make it a book. Good luck, onwards and upwards. Kathy

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