The ‘Wall of Hope’


I went to the Blizzard Institute this week to help out with a fundraising initiative. A major donor was visiting and I was representing the ‘face’ of the patient. A few photos and another opportunity to see this amazing centre at work and to say thanks to the donors (in this instance the Freemasons, who are regular supporters) and of course the researchers who are the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

This is (a small section of)  the ‘Wall of Hope’ in the institute where donors, whether big names of small groups, or families giving in memory of a loved one, can have a plaque placed on a brick. This is just part of the huge wall and the aim it to fill every brick, each of which represents a day of research ( £2,740). The charity needs to raise £7million pounds each year to fund the centres of excellence they are establishing around the country to try and get to the bottom of this disease and put a stop to the misery it causes.

blizard_building_nw260610_10My earlier visit to the Blizzard institute (pictured right) is written about in my blog “Inside a nerve cell at the blizzard centre”

If you want to know more about the centres of excellence (or make a donation)  check out the brain tumour research page  here.




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