That time came and went… Again! And, whoop whoop, the scan is clear! ???

Though I have been promoted to 4 monthly scans, it still means 3 scans a year for the next however many years. Now I realise that the NHS is budgeting  for between 2 and 9 more scans  before I am no longer a drain in their resources, but i’m looking at more in the order of 150+ scans. So unless there is a cut off point beyond which they stop bothering to scan (are we allowed to be ageist in the NHS there days?) or unless they start to belive me that Bob is gone for good, I am going waste a 180 days of my life (and their time) with my head in a machine that goes BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG…..


Still, on the plus side I will have 180 more days of celebration and jubilation. Yesterday (scan result day) I went out for lunch with best buddy before shopping spree, then out for dinner with family. And because it is a ‘special occasion’ all sorts of slightly naughty treats were allowed. I am so lucky. How many of us get 3 regular scheduled celebrations a year on top of all the usual public holidays?

I decided it needs a name:

? scansgiving! ?

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