Scanews (good!) [Ugly seeds and beautiful flowers]

As the euphoria of yet another clear scan yesterday sets in, I am as ever reminded that others are receiving different news. Some of my group of radio-rebels with whom I am still in touch are moving on happily with ‘remission/cure’ labels while others are still battling with rounds of chemo and ever more scans, and still others treading the tightrope of ‘so far so good!’ A blogger I follow, and author of the brilliant book ‘Cancer Whisperer’ has herself just received bad-scanews. She is an amazing lady who has achieved so much since he ‘terminal’ diagnosis and comfortably outwitted the statistics. I have no doubt that she will bounce back from any ‘knock’ she has felt from this and put it to good use.

It got me to thinking: a life lesson we all need to learn is that events may appear positive of negative but they are all there to be used for good. Whether I had received good news or bad yesterday it would still lead me on to the next day of my life and each new day is to be relished, enjoyed and treasured.  Every life event is a seed that can be nurtured or thrown in a drawer to rot. I plan to plant them all, some may bear fruit, others may merely look pretty for a while and then fade, each still has a purpose  to be enjoyed. Sometimes from the ugliest of seeds, grow the most beautiful flowers. image

So thanks to all of you who have celebrated my good news even though you may not have much of your own at the moment, and thanks too to those who have shared my scanxieties and celebrated exuberantly even though you have no such worries and could  well have moved on and stopped caring. This is what a caring community does, and as we all know, one of the important factors in improving prognosis is to have a community of supporters around you. I am privileged to belong to you all.

The Lotus flower bestows her beauty and fragrance upon all those who stop to appreciate her as equally as those who do not. She never closes her petals in grievance for not being noticed... If we can learn to shine no matter the circumstance, to accept and respect the path of others regardless of how different it may be from our own, to not require anything in return for that which we give, then we can become as the Lotus – dazzling and without a single trace of fear.



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