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scan 23 aug 17
scan 23 Aug 17

It looks a mess! But I am assured that it is good! Officially ‘no recurrence’ of Bob. Hooray!

However, as usual, I had questions for my consultant:

“What’s all the white gubbins around the resection site?”

Radiotherapy scarring.”

“Humph! It looks dreadful!”

“Well it looks a bit less than last scan, I would say.”

“Oh. Well I still don’t like it.”

“Well, have a look at this!”

irradiated area
irradiated area

“What is THAT?!”

“It’s the radiotherapy plan. we don’t usually show this to patients. This is the extent of radiotherapy your brain has undergone.”

“No wonder there is a bit of  gubbins around  the tumour site!!”

“Exactly. All quite normal.”

So, there you have it!

Having seen that, I am just amazed that i am not just sitting in a chair dribbling with my tongue hanging out, my head lolling to one side and my knickers round my ankles.

How wonderful is the human brain!? Even mine!!!!!



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