Who’s Who?

Bob (Bob The Blob): a brain tumour (a grade IV gliomablastoma to be precise) who took take up residence in my left frontal lobe (brain)…. Now GONE!!!

Nigel: My very lovely, highly skilled neurosurgeon. (this is not his real name)

Update: Nigel is quite keen that you all now know his ream name, to different himself from all the other neurosurgeon called Nigel. Meet Mr Puneet Plaha, an extraordinary man, to whom I am for ever in debt.

Olive the Oncologist: (not her real name) Olive is working with ‘Nigel’ to eradicate Bob, but since Nigel has cut away as much as he wants, and gone home rejoicing, frankly, I think she has very little left to play with. Nevertheless she soldiers on, persuading the  ‘surgery successes’  Nigel sends her, to have their brains fried and bloods poisoned despite the fact that this if anything makes them feel worse rather than  better. A thankless task indeed, that requires special a special person… not just for our our sake, but more importantly  for theirs!  A depressed oncologist is not a good thing for engendering hope and trust. Chin up Olive!

Bessie (not her real name) The ‘Other’ oncologist, who works with Olive and Nigel and who has taken over  my care. She bears the same cross that Olive does, with good humour and fortitude. Thanks Bessie.

Nora An ‘oncology nurse specialist’, one of a team of three (Nora, Nancy, and Nellie). A wonderful team (not their real names)  who are always there for you; they field rants, silly questions, tears and terrible jokes with equal skill and good grace. Would NOT want to be without them.

Me: small, blonde, (temporally slightly bald in places) and still in the prime of life (61 on the outside, 16 on the inside), mother of 3 great Kids (17, 22 and 24). Retired doctor, skier (ish), ballet dancer (ha ha) , writer of stories and other rubbish that washes around my head… and now blogger.


(Some of) The waiting room rebels.

Me (left) and my friend Sue.imageSome of rest of the crew, some with their partners  (spot the patient!)




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