Oncologists please read this…

image….and DO NOT ever, ever tell any GBM sufferer they will not survive. Any one of us could be an addition to this list.

Peter. Diagnosed april 1994 GBM grade IV. Last update last year, no problems.

Tom GBM survivor diagnosed 1999. Last update 2015. Still going strong.

Rich. diagnosed 2006. Last update 2014. still going strong.

John 15 yrs + survivor, going strong.

Ted 10yrs + survivor, going strong.

cheryl 15 yrs + survivor, going strong.

8yrs survivor despite unmethylated MGMT promoter (case report)

Meredith 10yr + survivor, still going strong.

Dana 10yr + survivor still going stong.

Ben 20 yr+ survivor, still going strong, having had not a single recurrence, ever, and author  of the review below.

Glioblastoma: Is Survival Possible? Review of literature by Dr Ben Williams. The bottom line is most definitely yes, and though there are statistical prognostic pointers, oncologists still really little have  idea exactly which patients will turn out to be long term survivors.

Now,  if you have read and noted all the above links to examples of real cases of hope, please also read this.

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