Below are some articles, pages  and talks that  I have found interesting.  Whilst there will be people who put unfounded stock in ‘maverick’ cures, this is not the intention of this page. I believe that  the science and research that goes into medical approaches can be given the best chance of success if we get our bodies, immunities and resources in best condition. Some of the treatments we are going to have to undergo, having found ourselves in this situation, are pretty toxic. Even surgery  involves a huge insult on our body, then when you add in radiotherapy and chemo therapy, our ‘good’ cells have to run for cover to avoid being hounded out along with the alien cells. Fortunately, alien cells have certain weaknesses that our good cells do not have, and cancer treatments exploit these differences. Anything extra you can do maximise that difference has to be helpful.

So keep fit, take plenty of rest, avoid evils of alcohol and other ‘bad’ drugs, and when you resolve to  eat well, make sure you have a sound understanding of what IS good eating…. BEWARE the advertising industry!

I have also added some of my favourite recipes in my recipe page

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eating to outsmart cancer.10987666_399027473606397_6394171984003827802_n

helpful facebook page

And book that explains basic nutritional  needs and science behind it and includes some great recipes to start you off.


eating to starve cancer

Ted Talk: can we eat to starve cancer?  Dr  William Li talks about some new approaches to combat cancer and some natural foods that may help. This (simplified) is about attacking abnormal blood supplies of the tumour so that it will die.

 ketogenic diet

Theoretical benefits of ‘starving’ Bob (so that he has less strength to resist standard treatments) It is a high fat, very low carb diet that has been used successfully in resistant epilepsy in children for may years and is thought by some to have theoretical application in brain cancer. The explanations are good in the link (above)but more recent studies supersede the cautious conclusions made in this article. Below are some other sources and examples of more recent research. My conclusion: if you have a brain tumour, do this, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

youtube video of reseach

latest review  paper

Scientific American article on ketones and the brain

A website I have found very helpful, with info and recipes the Charlie Foundation. 

A Podcast by andrew scarbrough on how he had defeated his aggressive (“terminal”) brain tumour with strict ketogenic  diet and other natural measures  and controlled his epilepsy and managed to be withdrawn from all anticonvulsants .

Another article on Treating malignant glioma with ketogenic diet.

Further recent study showing benefits

Treatment of glioma patients with ketogenic diets: report of two cases treated with an IRB-approved energy-restricted ketogenic diet protocol and review of the literature: 

The Ketogenic Diet for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma, an article published in The journal of Lipid research in 2014  

These, above,  are just a few of the sources of mounting evidence in favour of a Ketogenic diet for cancer, and brain tumour in particular.

supplements and vitamins

links to a table of various supplements  which have been suggested to be helpful in glioma.

Curcumin supplements  

A review of the different forms of this important cancer fighting, immune boosting supplement. Root turmeric is the natural form and incredibly beneficial when cooked in oil and added to curries and other dishes but if, like me, you can’t take if in this form every day, it’s important to choose the right product to gain the best benefits.

 cancer active article

What to eat when you are on chemo and/or radiotherapy.  (and how to

Eat a rainbow

Heathy* colourful food will just get you body in tip top condition to help fight off your ‘invader’ and give your medical treatment head start. Ensuring that you have the right minerals, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients to support normal cells and as few ‘toxins’ as possible cannot be a bad thing. The catchphrase ‘Eat a Rainbow’ has become quite well known now but to understand the benefits of the colourful foods properly click the link above. *Eating a rainbow is not about pigging out on a bag of skittles!

2 thoughts on “nutrition

  1. Hi..New to the glioblastoma resection last month..waiting gold standard treatment.Id be very interested in knowing what supplements you take…
    Post (shaking of head…its not good news)diagnosis..and working as a clinical trials coordinator…have read..and read…currently taking beepropolis..golden (tumeric) paste..looking into boswellia and cannabis oil.
    Thanks you for..making me look at things differently…after reading the statistics..I thought…what’s the point???!!!…But you..are the point!!…let’s get the boxing gloves on….

    1. Hi iona,
      Congratulations on your joining this little elite group ?
      Re supplements, i dont take as many as some. i take Boswellia to combat any swelling and inflamation (thereby avoiding seroids) I take curcuramin (tumeric) and berberine for their antoxdant and anti cancer properies and fish oil (atm i am taking DHA which is imporant for brain function). I also take melatonin at night, (big doses) again for its anti cancer reputation. And magnesium because mine was low. I am also in a ketogenic diet. You should be able to find refernces and notes to these and other considerations elsewhere on the blog. I considered canabis oil but diffucult to get in UK and as i am doing so well i will leave that for now. Repurposed drugs also are very interesting but again, i am so well i dont feel inclined to take drugs. My diet, lifestyle and supplements keep by blood sugars low, my essential fats in balance and my metabolism ticking over nicely. My hope lies in the infomation that has (providentially) drifted my way that is just right for me. I am loathed to recommend things for others, everyone is different. You are at ths start of your journey. Things will materialise that suit you. Read widely, enjoy your therphy (yes, it CAN be enjoable!) and as you relax and look around you for the blessings this journey bring, your path will become clearer. I am not blogging as much now because I am writing a book but will be putting things up from time to time. Atm i am doing Hyperbalic oxygen therpay which again, i knew about but had written off as too expensive. Then i found a nearby centre (litterally round the corner) which is afforable so I am going for it. I am monitoring any benefits so I can report back. It’s supposed to be good for gliblasoma but- since bob has gone – i am looking for improvements in my radiothephy scarring, (which is livable with but has wrecked my working memory. (Cant add up any more or spell or remeber what i went to the fridge for! Ha ha)
      I wish all the very best for you.. Remember, you CAN be one of those long term survivors. There is NO reason not to! Keep me posted!

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