Mini milestones

…. And maximum blessings.image

I have been looking out for a car since i got my licence back. (I sold the old one two years ago when i was told i would not be able to drive for 2 years after surgery…. And turned my drive into a patio! ) Up to now everything i looked at was either too expensive or too battered. But this BH weekend I had planned to go to Brighton with the boys and noticed a mini convertible for sale at a garage down there for an extremely good price. The pictures weren’t up on the website to see but I thought i might as well take a look whilst I was there.

I was LOVELY …. It had everything on my wish  list of desirable features, (including an insanely low mileage) and some I never dreamt might be possible (like all leather interior).

I drove it away …and the sun even came out so I could put the roof down.

????  .

Life is all about noticing the blessings. You couldn’t miss this one!

6 thoughts on “Mini milestones

  1. Very pleased for you all round. You will love the Mini. Nothing not to like. Very chick-about-town! LOL! x

    1. He He! Just love ‘flaunting it’ with the top off!! I would never have done this if I hadn’t had Bob – would probbaly have been driving a ‘sensible’ ford fiesta or somethig similar!

  2. I’m pleased for you Tanya, after all you’ve been through you deserve a little bit of luck.
    Love the car, it’s got your name written all over it!
    See you soon.


    1. cant tell you what a joy it is to drive, and it’s like riding a bike, it feels as if i never stopped driving. x

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