Mince pies (too good) for santa…though he could do with the low carb!

When I came to cook my mince-pies this year I used this pastry recipe from ‘The Team Hannah * cookbook – recipes for a low carb lifestyle’. She uses it for quiches and pies but I put it in the patty dishes for the mince pies. I put a tiny circle of greaseproof paper in the bottom to stop them sticking. When I put them in I thought it would never work because it is so sloppy, but also coarse from the flaked almonds, and you have to mould it into the patty tin. I thought they would all fall apart below the fillings or get stuck in the tin. But I pressed on and baked the pastry cases (180 c) it until just browning at the edge (about 10-12 mins) before cooling then filling with the mince and a generous topping of the frangipan (see below) Then they go back in the oven until frangipan is set and golden (takes about another 20 mins). It worked! And is AMAZING – crispy base and soft top, melt in the mouth – heaven! “The best mince pies I have ever tasted” (and that quote was not me!) I thought my recipe from last year could not be bettered, but Hannah’s pastry with the almond flakes makes it even better. Eat warm with cream.

Pastry ingredients

100g ground almond, 125g flaked almonds, 125g softened butter, 2 eggs beaten.


mix. press into tins. bake as described above.


30 g no-added-sugar sultanas (i wash these well then marinate these in a little brandy or sherry! But you can use a little juice from the clementine or an orange) you could use other fruit. I throw in few finely chopped no-added-sugar-organic dried apricots (also washed and soaked)
20g chopped apple with peel on
half a clementine finely chopped
orange zest (optional)
A small handful of chopped nuts (to taste)


3/4 cup (85g) almond flour
1/4 cup (55g) softened butter
1 large egg
sweetener to taste. (This is the same as the pudding in recipe 6)

Instructions: Once the empty cases are lightly baked, fill them and place a dollop of topping on each one and bake again at 175 for about 8 mins or until set and browning slightly. Serve with cream or coconut cream.

They also freeze well.

(carb is about 6g per tart. Fat is about double that (not counting cream) and protein about 2g. This is a guess. It’s Christmas, I can’t get too het up about figures.)

image* Hannah Bradley. 5 years cancer free this year from GBM.

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