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Cheryl Broyles’s Inspirational GBM Brain Tumor Survivor Story     Long term survivor. Web site with many useful links and resources and sources of encouragement.

Radical Remission.     Book of survivors stories by Kelly Turner PhD, who studied such patients for her PhD thesis. Get the book, but you can also a taste of the ongoing project here.

Megan Sherow     Up-beat (you tube) interview with lovely teenager with brain cancer. (Raw food diet)

No one is a statistic.     Article about one young woman who survived G 4 Glioma

Long term Survivors stories     List of long term survivors (some up to 25 years!) of glioblastoma as well as a list of surveyors of other forms of brain tumour…Be encouraged!

(What struck me about of this list is how many of them all had addition therapy over and above the standard, some through clinical trial but others by ‘self medicating’ using ‘promising but unproven’ drugs or supplements. A large majority also had a strong faith, but it appeared that all that that positive ‘fighting spirit’ and love of life.)


Ted talk: story of one survivor of the only cancer more aggressive than glioblastoma: pancreas. And not just surviving….

More survivors     A directory of survivors from a web site called chemocare which also has helpful advice for anyone taking chemo.

Eating for heath     Dr Terry Wahs, Ted talk. Recovery from MS.

Ben Williams. Book by a Dr who survived Grade IV brain cancer (diagnosed 1995)  with no recurrences by devising his own cocktail of  common drugs  based upon theory. (There are many individuals  in the US experimenting with cocktails of drugs, inspired by Dr Williams early theories, with apparent success. Sadly this is not available in UK as oncologists are not prepared to prescribe them.) article here

Jairo. diagnosed 2004 survivor.  you tube video.

Sarah Mamalais
Diagnosed with grade 4 GMB in 2007 at the age of 33, with a young family, Sharah set short (to see her children star school) and long term goals (to trek Kokoda).
Sarah, still lives in Australia, the has surpassed her goals and gone on to set up ‘Cure for Life’ that raises funds for brain cancer research. In her words: “All I can say is that I now believe in miracles.”

Lori Leudtki another youtube survivor of aggressive GBM

David Grant.  Another long-term G4 GBM survivor. His testimony is reported on the ‘hope’ page of the brain tumour research website, where there are other encouraging stories.

Jeannine Watson. 18 years living with brain tumour (audio- radio interview with Yes to life)

For a list of some individual  stories see this blog post (I had to spell a few out for the oncologists who wont bother to look at the above the links).

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