Brain tumour research.

Brain Tumour Research represents the united campaign voice of the Brain Tumour Research Group of Member Charities. It aims to raise awareness and funds to improve research into this dreadfully neglected condition, which accounts for over 40% of cancer deaths in under 40s and in children and yet receives a meagre 1% of funding.   But it’s not all doom and gloom, there is also a page of Hope on this site:  real stories from real people (including me) who are bravely and doggedly living with this cancer, and outliving expectations.

Cancer research.

loads of information about Gliomas


more information on brain tumours

Brain Trust support groups.

An organisation that runs (mostly free) social meet-ups for brain tumour sufferers and carers and family. The ones I have attended are in restaurants where we share a meal but many other activities up and down the country are arranged.

Ted Talk: can we eat to stave cancer?

William Li talks about effect of some food products on cancer cell

The Brain Tumour Charity

The UK’s largest dedicated brain tumour charity, funding scientific and clinical research into brain tumours. It also offers support and information to people affected, whilst raising awareness and influencing policy.

brain tumour action

Provides support and counselling. They are based in Scotland and run a number of support groups which meet there, and throughout the UK. There is a discussion group on their website.

Cancer active

Complementary and Integrative cancer charity – sometimes referred to as a Holistic or Integrated Cancer Charity. Masses of information, research and reviews on a wide range of therapies.


website/charity devoted to high grade glioma (mainly). Amongst other things if has a large section of encouraging stories of long term survivors.


charity that specialises in helping cancer victims find things that can be done to help no matter how advanced the disease. There is always hope of remission; never  submit to that ‘terminal diagnosis!

Patch Adams movie

True story about a brilliant but wacky Dr bent of treating patients with empathy, love and laughter… for free.

TED talk: one man’s resolve not become a passive patient

Salvatore Iaconesi outsourced his cancer on line and in response got support from half a million people. Social support from wherever it comes is invaluable.

Surviving terminal cancer

film about long term survivors including, among others,  Ben Williams, diagnosed  grade 4 GBM in 1995 and the story of his 20year survival without single recurrence despite his being given mere months to live.

cancer whisperers

Amazing, positive, practical, loving peer support. If you or a loved one are going through cancer, this is a face book group worth joining FB for!


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