Lazy low carb Breakfast

IMG_0670My usual breakfast is bacon,egg, fried bread, mushroom avocado and salad. But sometimes I fancy being ‘naughty’ (and a bit lazy). This is my take on peanut and ‘jelly’ sarnie.

1 slice of ‘live life’* bread with the crusts cut off, fried in coconut oil.  (2.4g carb),  spread  this with 10g macadamia butter  (0.7 g carb)  and top with blueberry ‘jam’ made by heating about 5 blueberries till soft. (1.4 g carb)(can microwave)

Tots up to around 3.5g carb in all (and about 15g healthy fat) You might want 2 slices if you are hungry!

About the same carb as a full English but makes a change! And equally  good for mid day/afternoon  snack – miles better than a granola bar and won’t spike your blood sugar.

(*High protein low carb bread – you can buy this from some supermarkets e.g. Budgens.  Or, better still,  Liddle do good high protein rolls which I slice thinly for ‘toast’)




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