Day one after surgery

Bob is gone.

i sale an  eretentin afternoon apteri g with Nigel yeretile, with iscitting concvetation. No a  noce a monet mont. My speech is a litled wodent and that tisy recoventer but as you can see kmsor mt spelling is absolutely rubbish. I shobs this will imtpovemnt os this blog jwill not be morent wort worth reading.

(Translation by Sue.

I had an entertaining afternoon together with Nigel yesterday, with scintilating conversation. Not a dull moment. My speech is a little worse and hopefully this will recover but as you can see my spelling is absolutely rubbish. I hope this will improve or this blog will not be worth reading.)

Wath this pLace!!!

8 thoughts on “Day one after surgery

  1. Tanya, you are an inspiration to us all. So thrilled that you have evicted the tenant that wasn’t welcome and have seen the gifts he brought. Life is too short and it is wonderful to see you living as fully as anyone can (especially with un-wanted tenants). All our love xx

  2. And yet ‘spelling’ and ‘rubbish’are perfectly executed; maybe your subconscious considers this to be the key fact and the brain surgery a mere bagatelle!

    How brilliant to be Bobless. Love from all, xxx

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