Chocolate Concrete (low carb of course)

Thanks to recipe from school dinners that an old girl posted on the school FB page I have IMG_0321recreated a favourite pud in low carb form! And oh my word, it’s even better than I remember it. The one at school was hard (hence its nick name) but this comes out softer. No bad thing!

200g plain flour -> replace with 200g almond flour

100g melted butter -> lovely as it is

50g cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate that’s too sweet)

100g sugar -> sweetener of choice … to taste  (dip your finger in to test!)

and I added in a few chopped nuts and as scant sprinkling  of finely chopped unsweetened apricots.

Mix and press into a greased lined tin and bake at 170 C for about 20 mins.

Eat hot with cream or cold as a snack. That will set you up for an afternoon’s double chemistry! Or something to look forward to after HBOT (see previous blog post!)

[Sorry about the photo it doesn’t look very appetizing, but it didn’t at school as I remember. Appearances can be deceptive.]


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