Bye Bye varian 2 (End of radiotherapy)

It was my last (I trust ever) radiotherapy yesterday! Hooray! The six weeks has gone really quickly and my fellow sufferers have been a real hoot, and a great morale boost.  We are all bbfe (that stands for best friends for ever). Despite the staff’s attempts to sabotage our plot by rescheduling all our appointments* this week  in a cunning ruse to keep the naughty ones apart, we managed to have a lovely breakfast ‘party’ over in Maggies which went on all morning. We drifted off at appontment time to get zapped and came back for tea, cakes (low carb of course!) and laughter.

(* the staff said they were servicing one of the machines!)

I cannot say I would have chosen to go through all this, but I can honesty say I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.   We were actually sad to leave for the last time and more tears were shed on saying goodbyes than at any other time, including diagnosis. But we know we will see each other again and keep in touch, thanks to the wonders of the internet and phone and google maps, even though we have all travelled from far and wide to converge on good old ‘Varian 2’

In case you are curious about the machine that has faithfully administered ‘death rays’ to any stray deserters from Bob’s army, who may still have been hiding in my brain, this is what she looks like:

Varian 2-1

She is a linear accelerator. There are six of them in the hospital and she is number 2, known to those us in the know as ‘Varian 2″ (I think ‘Varian’ is the make, like Sony, or Adidas, not that they make linear accelerators, I don’t know anyone else who does, but I am sure they are not as good as ‘Varian’). However, if the staff are to be believed, after putting up with us lot for the last 6 weeks the was plum tuckered out, and needed a week off. We wish her a pleasant week.


And here is my mask, in which I spent 15 minutes every week -day screwed to the table (minus hat, that’s just how i wear it when out and about!)  whist they lined up laser beans## and set a computer program to rotate V2’s accelerator ‘tubes’ in an arc around my head. You feel nothing, and soothing music is played that doesn’t quite mask the beeps and whirs and, on occasions, worryingly, creaks ! (Varian 4 is worse, we think he’s an old man and is probably steam driven)

( ## ha ha! This was one of my clasic spelling spoonerisms, but i really like the idea of laser beans all being lined up so i am keeping it 😊)

Anyway, today I took my last chemo dose (at least for another month when I have to return to it for one week out of every month) and spent my first day without having to make the hour long journey to the hospital… and back.

Still feeling great, still amazed at what is happening around me, so many loving friends and family, so much caring, so many new things to see , do and learn about, so much of life to live.

The blog will continue, even though it is really no longer Bob’s. He’s well gone, been chopped out, executed, poisoned, starved, evicted and excommunicated.  He has popped his cloggs. He’s passed on! He is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘He has expired and gone to meet his maker! His metabolic processes are now history!  He’s kicked the bucket, he’s shuffled off his mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! HE  IS AN EX-TUMOUR!”  (with apologies to Monty Python)

The plan is now to make my brain a heathy, heavily policed zone, and my immune system an extravagantly  resourced, and full armed army that will take no prisoners. Bob has gone but if any rogue stem cells so much as read a magazine article about life as a glioma they will be arrested and taken off to boot camp, where they will have to undergo programs that teach them how to integrate into the brain community and be a credit to their society. The, they will be put on parole and If they put so much a a fingernail out of place, they will be exterminated.

I will continue to dribble on in this vein in my  blog entries, so that anyone interested can follow my subsequent adventures and how it all pans out and, indeed, add their own comments it they feel so inclined. I will also try and update and add to the various pages in the drop down menus with info about nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, thoughts, quotes and links to advice form others more expert than I. If, by the way, you are one of those who is more expert than I, do feel free to add to the debate.  The only comments I may censor are negative and depressing ones:  this is negativity  free zone!


Love and Blessings.



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    1. Ha ha! Hadn’t thought of that, suggestions as to what to do with mask have been: hanging basket, table light (it would probably melt) halloween cotsume, celebrity fashion accessory (with matching gloves and shoes) and wall art. I LIKE the idea of bees!

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