Another round of chemo over

imageNot much to report. Feel fine. Have vented enough at friends and ranted sufficiently on blog pages  (see new page “oncologists please read this“) to recover from ‘oncologistitis’ * and now can sit back and await next onslaught of toxic chemicals in three weeks time.  To celebrate went up the London Eye, being up high always gives  a different perspective, who can’t appreciate how amazing the world is from up there?

* ‘oncologistitis’:  an acute malady brought on  by a visit to an ocologist who does not integrate faith and hope with their standard therapy. It is usually characterised by onset of anxiety prior  to the visits, a loss of ability to think straight during the visits and a variable mixture of depression and anger after the visit. Treatment: have a rant at friends,  write a blog and,  most important of all, remember God is in charge of outcomes, not the oncologist. 

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