Ailing immune systems

This page (click here) is for my new friends at the MS centre (see HBOT), some old friends and many others I have been ‘bumping into’ lately  who all have auto-immune disease (eg MS ME  diabetes, DI, asthma, lupus, polymyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Chron’s, coeliac and the list goes on…)

United we stand in trying to sort out and support our ailing immune systems.

Divided we fall – In cancer the regulatory system is overzealous and stops the immune cells from controlling the cancer – in auto immune disease the control is off and the immune system runs riot and turns to attack the good cells!

Come on boys, behave!

Hooray for Turmeric, green tea, oily fish, resveratrol (red wine and chocolate!) and lashings of good old probiotics.  Pass the kombucha*. That’ll whip ’em into shape.

(for more foodie  tips read the link above and the nutrition and supplement pages.)

*A type of fermented tea rich in antioxidants and good bacteria

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  1. PS just been reading in more depth about AI disese and MS. Seems there is doubt that the AI response is the root cause. It may be a reaction to other problems such as disruption of the blood brain brarrier. But what causes that!?!? Very interesting, and more complex than anyone of my intelect can fathom! Hey ho! If anyone out there has simplistic explanations do post.

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