Awareness and funding.

imageWhilst there have been improvements in treatment in recent years, glioblastoma still has a dismal prognosis. It is the biggest cancer killer in under 40 and in children, and yet it receives a mere  0.7% of the research budget!  No wonder there is no cure and no wonder we have not made inroads into improved survival as we have seen in others cancers like breast and prostate, which have had well publicised,  successful campaigns, and childhood leukaemia which used to be the biggest killer of children but which has had massive, successful  research input; brain cancer has now taken over as the most deadly disease, yet most people are totally unaware of this.

Unlike most other cancers, incidence of Brain tumour is rising, and survival rates are not substantially improving. The disease strikes without warning; fit young  people and children die quickly; young lives are cut short and families are devastated. This is a truly horrible cancer and most of the general public know nothing about it.

So please help me reverse this pitiful level of awareness and funding.

With friends, I ran a 5k obstacle race on Sun 13th March 2016 (Chiltern Warrior) to raise funds and awareness. And on 24th Sept we did an 11 mile canal walk along the Grand Union Canal which was organised by  the charity “Brain Tumour Research

you can donate to the charity by visiting my Just Giving’ site.

Please share the appeal as widely as you can either by sharing the just giving page,  or this blog page by sending a link or click the ‘share’ button.

Anyone can  give instantly, text BOBB59 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 (or any sum you like)Visit the charity website for more info and other ways to support the cause at

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