Memory, cognitive scores and wrinkles!

IMG_0355I have now completed a 3 week course of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) and a further month with twice weekly sessions. My aim was to halt the ‘brain fog’ that seemed to be happening as side effect of my radiotherapy. I was quietly hopeful, having read the research, but I measured my response during therapy just to be sure I wasnt kidding myself that it was helping. (An hour spent in a tin can is a waste of time unless it is doing something.) You can read my earlier analysis and explanations about that HBOT  here and see my earlier blog post for a cute pic of a monkey having HBOT, but below are my latest results.  Oh, and my friends say I look years younger and can they sign up for it!!!

Make up your own mind:



Image 13-03-2017 at 00.03



One thought on “Memory, cognitive scores and wrinkles!

  1. I would personally pursue anything that might reduce any residual effects. I am currently being treated for an oh-so-minor-by-comparison trapped nerve in my neck and have moderate brain fog which I hate to ease by taking meds but it’s the only way. I hope this works for you. The anti-ageing effect is a definite bonus!

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