Scan again (yawn)

Scan (April on left and July on Right)
Scan (April on left and July on Right)

Yes, yet again another cycle of sanxiety and jubilation is over. The Bob shaped hole is still there and looks the same (according to the report). Personally I think it looks a bit tidier. I have been visualising it being dusted and cleaned ready for a new skim of neuronal filler. Next one i expect it to be filled in and for the new cells to be fully functioning, talking and spelling even better than the old ones.

The picture above shows the last scan on the left and the latest one on the right. If one of my ventricles (the pair of holey looking things in the centre) looks a bit smaller than the other it’s only because I had my head quizzically cocked to one side in the scanner! (Silly me)

The  good news (apart from the fact that there is no sign of Bob) is that they are letting me go 4 months instead of 3 before the next scan! Hooray, are they actually starting to belive me when I say Bob is an ex-tumour, he has popped his cloggs, he is no more, he has gone to meet his maker, R.I.P Bob.


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